Being Human – The Book


Being Human, the book, is the story of a journey to understand three worlds: Mother Nature’s (or God’s) World, Man’s World, and the World within Your Skin. Dissecting each world, it explores our identities as souls within physical bodies that originated in Mother Nature’s World to eventually migrate to Man’s World.

This book shows you how to eat, drink, breathe and think according to the Universal Laws of Life. It also shows you how to first remove the already accumulated debris from your physical body that is further poisoning your blood, and how to cleanse your mental and emotional bodies. Cleansing is vital to bring the body back to a point where the inherent wisdom of Mother Nature can heal the physical body naturally.

‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ and Godliness cannot function in a toxic, polluted environment.



The Being Human book details a personal journey of discovery and health and is an excellent STEP ONE to health. The vision of Being Human is to eradicate disease, misery and medication dependency through education and natural treatments. Not just diseases of the body, but of mind, emotion and spirit as well. Our goal is to put the tools of transformation into the hands of everybody on the planet.

When mainstream medicine became widely available, it was magical to be able to pop a pill and stop a raging headache in its tracks. Many came to rely on this miracle cure and there was soon a pill for every ill. Over time, however, many among the global Masses became disillusioned with the medical industry, concluding that there are, in fact, no actual cures for any diseases. If there was a cure for even a headache, why is there a planet full of people suffering from headaches? They realised that handing over the responsibility of the self to someone else and saying, ‘You fix me up,’ wasn’t working and that we should perhaps be taking responsibility for our own healing.

There is no medical cure and self-healing is ineffective. It is, in fact, the inherent intelligence of Mother Nature that heals and repairs the body.

Ramesh Ramkumar has worked with hundreds of people in guiding the cleansing of their bodies. With the simple techniques explained in this book, your body can also have the opportunity to utilize Mother Nature’s wisdom to heal itself of all forms of disease. When your body is not being gnawed by pain, your mind will not be so agitated. When your mind is calm, your emotional self will be equanimous, and then you will experience the divinity of ‘Being Human’.

The term ‘human being’ is simply the description of a form and there seems to be no longer any responsibility attached to that. Being Human, on the other hand, is a tall order. This book provides you with the tools to realise the divinity of ‘Being Human’ and the opportunity to live what is every human’s birthright, to live disease, misery and medicine free.


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