How to detox using Bentonite clay and Psyllium seed husk for a highly effective d.i.y. detox solution



This How-to-Detox program is about throwing out the bad, bringing in the good, and bringing the internal balance back to where the body can heal itself. It is created after two decades of experience by the country’s leading health and wellness expert, colon hydrotherapist, author of the best selling book ‘Being Human’ and founder of the internationally acclaimed Being Human Detox Centre.

For just this month, please cut out the following from your diet. You might just be embarking on a program that can save your life, reverse high blood pressure, diabetes, headaches, arthritis, gout, cancer, obesity, etc.

  1. All bread, pies, pastries, cakes, biscuits etc. Replace with unpolished brown rice as your staple diet for this month.
  2. All milk and dairy products. Replace with nut milk drink & green juice, recipes included
  3. All sugar, sweets, chips, chocolates & junk. Replace with fresh fruit, fruit & vegetable juices, herb teas with honey



Below is a list of everything you will need. Some of them you can do without and still get great results. Numbers 1 to 8 is what you must have to begin the program:

  1. Bentonite Clay (available here)
  2. Psyllium Husk (available here)
  3. Probiotic (available here)
  4. Health Booster (available here)
  5. Natural Fibre body brush (available here)
  6. Stainless steel tongue cleaner (available here)
  7. The book ‘Being Human’ by R. Ramkumar (available here)
  8. Good supply of filtered water or boiled water
  9. Fresh Fruit and vegetables
  10. Oxygen Capsules (available here)
  11. Unpolished brown rice
  12. Seeds of pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, linseed, almonds and dates
  13. Raw organic cacao powder
  14. Powerful juicing machine and blending machine- (if you need to purchase these machines, we can advise you about the best machines available). Most of the above can be purchased directly from us.

Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay is initially a very fine powder that is thrown out of the “bowels” of Mother Earth when the volcanoes erupt, especially in South America. There are many grades which are used for various applications like water purification, beauty treatment as a face mask and ingested by Amazonian parrots, ancient humans and various other mammals for detoxification of toxins. I have heard from a miner that it is often used in mining when they drill into the earth. A mixture of a particular grade of Bentonite Clay is poured down the drill shaft and if they hit a gas pocket, the Bentonite Clay may absorb the gasses before there is an explosion.

Using the right grade of Bentonite Clay for detoxification purposes by humans in a controlled program is about the most effective means to remove excessive acids, heavy metals and toxic waste to ultimately purify the 20 litres of biochemical that bathes over each and every cell in your body. The pH of this biochemical is supposed to be 7.4-slightly alkaline, and if it is so, then your cells will function optimally and you will be healthy. If you have any disease, fatigue or are overweight- take it for granted that the pH has fallen below 7.4 into the acid zone. This is the first thing any self-respecting medical or alternative health practitioner should strive to rectify. If the balance is not restored from acid to alkaline (7.4), then cells will not be able to repair and heal themselves. Don’t for one moment imagine that allopathic medicines are meant to restore health. They may keep you alive but are you healthy? Or are you getting worse? We have sourced the correct grade of calcium-based Bentonite Clay with an alkalinity of between 9.5 to 10.5pH for human consumption. Use of other incorrect grades is harmful to your health.

Psyllium seed husk

Psyllium Seed Husk is the covering of a seed and swells to form a jelly-like substance that clings to the intestinal walls. The moisture content softens old faecal matter and mucus. As you consume food high in fibre content, it scours and removes the rubbish lining the intestinal tract more easily.

How to mix Bentonite clay and Psyllium seed

1. Add two teaspoons of Bentonite Clay to a quarter cup of drinkable hot water-not luke warm or too hot to drink in one go. Mash and mix the clay until dissolved.

2. With a dry teaspoon, add one teaspoon of Psyllium husk into the Bentonite mixture- stir briskly and gently gulp down immediately. If you delay, the mixture will thicken making it unpleasant to consume. If you mix it in too much water, it thickens before you are finished drinking. Anyhow, some people like it this way. I drink two shots every morning, one after the other, and like to finish them in about 3 or 4 gentle gulps per shot.

3. Wash down by drinking warm water or fresh ginger or lemon or any herbal tea with raw honey (optional).

If you find it challenging to drink the clay and husk mixed together in one cup, mix them separately and drink one after the other.

I have had people carried in with arthritis and having followed my program, are now running around by themselves. So have people with cancer, gout, diabetes, high blood pressure and every other disease been healed by first removing the toxic waste with this powerful bentonite clay and husk detox drinks and then proceeding to eat, drink, breathe and think according to their cellular needs.


Three options for a highly effective do-it-yourself detoxification

Note well: If you are constipated, please have colon therapy or laxatives before you start or else the detox drinks, which are bulky, will just clog up and bloat you. The idea is for the detox drinks to absorb toxins and move out of the body. If you are not too sure about your colon being fully unblocked, then start off with 2 or 3 detox drinks for the first 3 days and make sure its exiting through the rectum before stepping up to 6 drinks per day until the tub is finished. You may continue detoxing with 2 to 4 drinks for as long as you desire. If you have diarrhoea, then start with 6 drinks for two weeks then step down to 2 to 4. It would be of greater benefit to do colon therapy, ozone sauna, and receive lymph drainage massages during your fast.

Option 1 (intense)

Go on a fruit fast for seven days or as many days as you can manage. A lady here in Durban once did a 21day fruit fast while doing colon therapy at our centre and literally became a brand new person by becoming squeaky clean from inside out. Drink the Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk mixture six times a day. Best results are when you start first thing in the morning-eg: 6 am: take 2 empty cups. Add hot water and 2 teaspoons clay to cup number 1 and cup 2. Stir in 2 scant teaspoons husk into cup 1 and drink followed by 2 teaspoons of husk into cup 2 and drink. Wash down by drinking hot water or tea. – 6.30 am: repeat. – 7 am: repeat and complete 6 shots. The time intervals between drinks are not important. You can drink them 15 minutes or one hour apart.

If you need to drink doctor’s medicines, it must be drunk one hour after a detox drink. For example, last detox drink at 7 am, then at 8 am eat fruit or drink a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice, and then have your doctor’s medicines. If you have not completed your 6 detox drinks you may resume your detox drink at 9 am, or else the detox drink absorbs anything foreign, including your medicines. Continue consuming fruit/juices/teas/2 to 5 litres of filtered water per day.

Option 2

This is similar to option one where you are fasting the whole day, except in the evening you may have a bowl of salad or a cooked meal of vegetables, brown rice and salads.

Option 3

Half day fasting. Consume 6 detox drinks up until lunchtime, drinking lots of water/herb teas/fruit/juices. Eat lunch and supper and start your detox again in the morning.

Please note: Option 1 allows for no cooked meals. In Option 2 there can be one cooked meal, and Option 3 is how you should normally live: only two meals a day. Please read my book Being Human for further clarification on what, when and how to eat. You may do Option 1 today and if for some reason couldn’t manage it tomorrow, then swing to Option 2 or 3 the following day, and then go back to Option 1 when you can; but stay on either of the three options as you will still get great benefit. No excuses.


If you are diabetic, consume more green juice and fruit. You can eat green apples, papayas etc. If your health is not good, rather do Option 3, which is a mild detox. After reading Being Human, and are better informed about your body, you may attempt Option 1 for seven or more days. Then go back to Option 3 for several more months after which you can reduce your detox drinks to two drinks first thing in the morning. Then, stay on fruit and juices until 12 midday. Have a great, healthy lunch and dinner. No skimping. You can overeat the right foods and still lose weight. Make this your new lifestyle routine. If need be, at least once a week, do Option 1 or 2 until you can feel that your body is squeaky clean from the inside out and you can consider weaning yourself off medication. When you start your detox, it may be accompanied by headaches and or nausea. It will soon disappear. If you cannot manage the headache, then drink some painkillers and persevere with your detox.

The above is merely advise based on personal experience and is offered not as a prescribed treatment, but rather as information that you may choose to benefit from.


How to make ginger and fresh lemon tea

Scrape off the peel, or merely wash a piece of fresh ginger, and grate it into a medium-sized pot using the finest part of the grater. Add boiling water and let it steep for at least five minutes. Experiment with the amount of water to get a good blend of tea. No sugar. Addition of honey is optional OR Mix juice of half a lemon in a cup or beer mug of hot water.

Ginger tea is especially good in cold weather as it warms you and melts off excessive mucus.


Guidelines for a successful detox

  • Remember the rule before you eat or drink anything – is it from the tree or the factory- is it pipe clogging or pipe cleaning. (Refer to what to eat, when to eat and how to eat in Being Human). Throw out your microwave oven.
  • As a maintenance program, remain on two or three Detox Drinks first thing in the morning for a minimum of three months as your body will be releasing toxic chemicals. You may remain on detox drinks indefinitely. No harm, only good
  • The staple diet is brown unpolished rice with half cooked vegetables, salad etc. All other dried beans, lentils, pulses, dhal can be included. Free range chicken and eggs, fish, chemical/hormone free meat in moderation. Be aware that meat (concentrated protein) and potato (concentrated starch) combination is incorrect.
  • Read Being Human and focus on the recommended breathing techniques. These are extremely important in your detoxification process.
  • Thoughts are living things with the power to create or destroy your body and your relationships. Good thoughts produce good chemicals that flood your bloodstream and bad thoughts produce toxic chemicals that pollute your blood, tissue and organs.
  • Join a gym or create an exercise routine for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Cardiovascular exercise is essential for circulation, vitality and good health.
  • Drink 2 to 5 litres of filtered or boiled water per day. Remember, urine must be like spring water. Slightly yellow- too much pollution too less water to carry it out.
  • When you do eat, eat well and sufficiently so as not to get hungry too soon and reach for junk.
  • Remember the body cycles in ‘Being Human’ and how to use your stomach wisely.
  • Chew your food until you drink it. No teeth in the stomach.

One life-this is it, right here right now. You’re on centre stage, busy enacting the play of your life. All too soon the curtains fall, the stage shuts down and this play called life is over. This is it right here, right now. Learn the Being Human way to live fully, love openly and make a difference.

Ramesh Ramkumar– Founder of Being Human Detox Centre and Being Human Experts Academy 031 266 2322 / 083 523 8578

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