Medicines may be used for a very brief period of time to tide one through a severe crisis as in an accident or surgical/dental procedure, not to consume to help you live. Do you think the Creator designed the body to be sick?

Last week we had an 85yr old wheelchair bound female with a long list of the usual ailments live in for a 7-day detox treatment.

I was once again appalled by the tray filled with her weekly medicines in addition to insulin injected twice a day.

Medicine case

How can human blood, cells, tissue and organs become healthy with a daily bombardment of this vile concoction of chemicals? No wonder most people on such doses of chemicals are practically zombies.

No prizes for guessing the amount of putrid matter exiting her body during colonics. Send me a request with the contact page if you’d like me to send you the photos. On the 6th night after her liver detox, I held a large dish as she retched and filled it up with revolting slime, bile and gunge.

Acids burnt her throat but immediate abdominal relief as she soon fell asleep. She hadn’t consumed any of her medication in her week with us except for insulin only once a day. She is an intelligent but headstrong woman, who according to her daughter, rules the roost and demands certain types of foods and medicines that make her condition worse.


Why so many medicines?

I told the daughter that her mother chose to be sick to help her daughter grow strong, to stand her ground and run a tight ship. Daughter needs to man up and use her knowledge to create a healthy family, or else everyone is miserable.

To the mother, who left here able to walk with help, I said she has 15 more years to get to a 100% and she must become an inspiration to her family by practising internal hygiene. Disease is a result of toxic waste we bring into the body by how we eat, drink, breathe and think.

Disease is a disgrace. Its a falling from grace and living less than the divine we should. What is your destiny? How do you live? Do you pollute the temple of the soul and expect to be healthy?



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