You, more than anyone else in this world, know the reasons for why you made the huge sacrifice to fast for seven days and complete your detox program.

Most of you arrived with severe diseases, your back against the wall because all else had failed, medicines not even able to stop the pain anymore.

For many of you Being Human was your last stop. I mean where to from here. Then you listened to the Principles of Being Human, looked at the nature of your own blood sample on the computer screen, understood, felt the stirring of new hope to fight to live disease, misery and medicine free.

You endured these seven days, saw the evidence of the vile, stinky, muck which exited your body – which we trapped on the last three days to show you. We Whatsapped the photos to remind you.

You knew what the pain of your diseases felt like, but now you could see in those photos what your diabetes, HBP, gout, cancer, migraines etc actually looks like.

You were shocked, astounded, and of course, we heard the customary “I haven’t eaten for seven days, where is it still coming from?”

As you left, feeling lighter, cleaner faster, seeing the possibility of a new life of vibrant health, we said to you that this is just the beginning and what happens now in the follow up is crucial. 

We’ve set the foundation for you to build a new temple of the soul. You pulled through but continue with the routine we set for you. Do the follow-up liver detox and periodic detox regime we stipulated so you can extend your lifespan and create an equal health span.


After a detox

The majority of you stuck to the plan and today have become inspirational to your children, friends and family. You’re living the dream

What about the rest of you? It is the old story of, “I don’t have time”. Sadly, in my job I’ve seen how people do run out of time – and life itself.

Today is the day to muster up your courage and get back on track. Champions are never carried to the top, so dust off your gloves and put them back on.

In this crazy, chaotic world designed to feed us crap, make us sick and medication dependent, you have to fight to regain health and step up to a higher level of consciousness before it’s plain sailing.

Good health is not everything but without it everything else is nothing.



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