Hear what our customers have to say about their experience at Being Human. 

Over two years ago travelling through Johannesburg airport “Being Human” the book popped out at me. I was drawn and guided to learn about Ramesh Ramkumar and his utterly captivating and inspiring story. Reading the book on my flight to the USA I thought WOW!

 Two years on, I share with my partner that U still have a yearning to go to Being Human retreat Centre in South Africa. It is a long way from my homeland Ireland, but he listened and we made it here. How Blessed am I!

 Being in this Centre is like being back in the womb. There is a beautiful culture of love, peace and honesty that speaks to my soul. The team live the words of the book. This past week has been the healing reboot and cleansing I needed. The small family team nurtures and cares for you through every step of the process. How beautiful this has been. True respect and dignity is shown and shared by everyone within the Centre.

 It has been a real honour to meet Ramesh in person. I am a fan! I love this guide (book), which I will read and reread time and time again.

 Cheryl, Nokwazi, Zanele, Ningi and Goodness, Thank you all for your beautiful caring way, your warmth, your smiles and your patience. I am deeply grateful.

Siobhan Walsh

Ireland (first stay December 2016 - second stay June 2017)

I came to the Being Human retreat soley with the intention of loosing weight to help me with my training in order to run the comrades marathon. However as I leave, I leave with an amazing gift – to simply live fully and enjoy my days filled with renewed energy and vitality. The principals of Being Human and explanations, nutritional guidance have been perfectly simplified by Ramesh to last me a lifetime. I leave excited to take on my tasks renewed.

Thank you to Ramesh and his Amazing Team.

Bheki Duma


Dear Ramesh and Team,

You have all been wonderful and extremely supportive and caring. We have so enjoyed the treatments and especially the massages.

Ramesh thank you for your guiding conversations and your excellent well thought through retreat program. After our Days we feel renewed and the benefits will be with us for the rest of our lives.

Blessings and Best wishes for the future

With Love and Light

Rolf & Doris

South Coast

Dear Being Human Family,

We wish to THANK YOU all for the great work done within the retreat. This has been a life changing experience for both of us. We thank each and every member of the team for being a perfect fit in our healing puzzle.

Since our arrival we have been nurtured and cared for in such a way we do not wish to leave.

Ramesh you are the absolute BEST when it comes to imparting knowledge, understanding and wisdowm.

Having listened to you speak we enjoy rereading your book and hearing your voice echo through the pages.

Thank you again and we wish you all the best in the years to come.

Lungile & Kipa


To the most Amazing Family – Being Human

I have been to many places the world over but never have I treated my body to a service as I would my car. I have neglected myself along the way of life doing what I can while busying myself with my career.

Today words are not enough to explain the bliss I feel within me. This is the best 40th birthday gift I could have ever given myself.

I will forever be grateful to you Ramesh for helping me regain my power and take control of my health. My weigh loss goals are to be achieved, as I have already been able to set a good pace during the detox. This is the beginning of greater things to come.

Mamela Luthuli


Dear Being Human Family,


Zanele, Ningi, Nombu, Noks, amazing Cheryl and the head of this professional and compassionate team Ramesh,

 Congratulations on running such a well-maintained and professional establishment with warm hearts and loving hands.

 Ramesh thank you for your words of wisdom, encouragement and motivational talks. It sustained us especially in times when the journey through self healing and cleansing was challenging. You have educated us on many issues pertaining to our general health and well-being. You taught us what it means to Be Human. We carry this light within us and onward.

 Best wishes to you and your team and thank you once again for everything.

Dev & Thara Naidoo

Broadlands Mt Edgecombe Dbn

I would really like to thank Ramesh Ramkumar and his Amazing team at the Being Human Detox Centre.

I checked in for the 7 Day Detox Retreat being chronically fatigued, suffering from kidney and liver issues, bad skin a constant rash and itching, poor memory and concentration, a belt of fat around my waste that I could not get rid of no matter how hard I trained.

The retreat was incredibly enjoyable despite my earlier apprehension at the thought of fasting and detoxing.

I was welcomed at the Centre and homed in a well-equipped, cosy and comfortable room. The staff were attentive to my needs and all my treatments handled with professionalism and care. 

I found my energy levels rising as the days went by and was able to jog and get into the swimming pool for some laps by day 3. I could see and feel the change in my body and mind.

Fast forward to 2 weeks later and my skin is clearer than it has ever been, my energy levels are through the roof, my liver and kidneys are on the mend, no more skin ailments and rashes and I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I shed the weight I needed to ever since I undertook the treatment in February 2017.

May God continue giving you the vision and guidance to steer men in the direction of their best health.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Rose and Velaphi


Where do I begin?

I’m a 31 year old female and about 1.59 meters tall, I weighed 66.8kgs. I discovered Being Human through my partner who had brought his father in for the detox retreat due to ill health.

My Partner witnessed the benefit of the treatment through his Dads healing and then decided he was going to do it himself.

He went in for days 1 and 2 alone and I was sceptical about the whole idea of fasting and what the detox entailed mostly because I have always been the healthy eater and gym bunny (well so I thought).

However over the past 3 months my weight and energy levels suddenly took a turn for the worst, I was always feeling weak, tired and sick, constant flu, mild headaches and I picked up a lot of weight, despite the fact that I was training regularly.

When my partner got home on the second day I could see a huge change in his appearance, his skin and his energy levels, it was almost immediate, he then again invited me along and this time I said yes.

Day 1- I was nervous, the clay and husk and the boosters were an acquired taste, the colon cleansing was strange to start with but I got used to it all and I could literally feel the difference on the first day, I walked in there so bloated, looking like I’m 4 months pregnant, I had severe monthly cramps, I’ve been suffering from such for the longest time, on the first day after the colon cleansing there was no pain whatsoever. For the first time in many years I did not require pain meds and enjoyed a normal lifestyle despite being on my cycle.

The rest of the week went smoothly, with my routine starting at 7am every morning at Being Human for the colonic, ozone sauna and full body lymph drainage massage before leaving there to go to work at 9am. I was taking the detox products as per the routine provided and drinking deliciously freshly made fruit and veggie juices, herbal teas and water through the day. 

I felt so much stronger with each passing day, my skin started to glow, I started running again, longer distances. On night 4 and 5 I lived in at Being Human for the liver detox, it was quite an experience, you will not believe the waste and toxins coming out of my system, I was shocked I had been carrying so much and for so long. I was able to see the gallstones being passed and was so extremely proud to be able to rid my body of it.

It’s been exactly 7 days, I weigh 64.kgs now and my skin looks amazing, I feel so energetic, my live blood analysis is showing steady improvement. At work my productivity is back to its peak.

The team at Being Human Detox Centre are amazing, they made my partner and I feel at home and so comfortable from the beginning to the end. We were cared for and nurtured and I am so grateful to you all. 

We cannot thank you enough.

God Bless.


Lihle Hadebe

My Being Human journey

To be a master of good health has occupied our mind space for as long as we knew what we thought being human is all about.
My mother and I, a dynamic family of two. Through our striving and toil in man’s world. We realised that in many ways life has become a single act of letting go. While being overwhelmed that the gift of life bestowed upon us is in fact letting go of us a bit too quickly then it should.

For my mother? Being continuously bombarded by chronic medication this, chronic medication that. High blood pressure, menopause, chronic migraines, arthritis, heart burn, swelling, stress and loss of sight. Just to name a few of those thieving culprits of life. And I? I took so many different types of anti-depressant pills, sleeping pills, vitamin pills, chronic migraine pills, skin pills and ointments. Let us not forget my weekly stomach issues that made me feel like my stomach and tubes were put in the middle of an industrial blender and blended while they were still attached to me. Put all of the listed medication above together, that was enough to put the South African Military to sleep for a month. A continuous aching out and within. Taking away our birth right, to be healthy and free.
As a bonus, there are also medical management bills that go from your wallet, gallivanting to your neck, popping through your head, through your roof to the stars and beyond.

It was then when we started to ask ourselves the big questions. Why do we get sick? Not only did we find an answer, instead we were welcomed into a new world. In our research we discovered amongst many others Dr Sebi, from the Usha Institute, the Hunza people and most importantly Ramesh Ramkumar from Being Human. During October/ November 2015 I received an invite via social media from Ramesh Ramkumar. I did not know him, it was after I had told mom that we are going to find someone in South Africa who will be able to help us on our journey of healing. Before we knew it, Being Human was in our midst.
In November 2015 we had learned enough to know that the food we eat is making us sick. Eating that food was no different than taking a 12 gauge double barrel to your liver. Or jumping in front of a moving truck in the freeway. The common food we eat in our unhealthy lifestyle is the root of all illnesses. I say this because in all the stated events above, you will feel discomfort, pain, fear, suffer, medicine, hospitalisation and inevitably death. The only different is the timeframes.
In December 2015 we visited our GP/ medical manager. He was so impressed with our lifestyle changes converting to being VEGAN. He gave us 14 days using no medicine to observe our improved health. 14 days later, I barely made it, my mother’s blood pressure was as high as the galaxies above you. She was overheating and sweating enough to fill all the buckets in your household. The doctor/ medical manager put us back on full chronic medication. We were let down, depressed beyond disappointment.

On our way home from the doctor all doom and gloom, mom decided to go to the gym. I then had enough time to bask in the dark brightness of our misery. As I sat in the car waiting, a slogan I had read somewhere was placed once again in my mind. “Unearthing wisdom to live disease, misery and medicine free”. Who was this macnificent Jedi who wrote this? I asked myself I could not remember, I felt like I was 105. Minutes later it hit me. RAMESH RAMKUMAR from BEING HUMAN.

I had his number I searched, selected and pressed dial. An appointment was made and that marked the beginning of all greater things.
The day arrived, me, mom, Westville, 4 Ellis Road, Being Human, 4 o’clock sharp not blunt. We were warmly welcomed by a 20 year old called Ramesh Ramkumar who later told us he was 60. Our jaws dropped to our acidic knees. There is a lot I could say about this man. He is a brother a friend an enricher and reviver of life through unearthing wisdom and practise. He is the establisher of Being Human and a successful author of words of magnificence. Our consultation began which was not only enlightening it enriched our journey, not only in our healing, however in life itself. We departed not only feeling at home with smiles on our faces, we also left with a pure understanding of our humanity. With words that said “Relax, to get healthy is the easiest thing” Ramesh Ramkumar.

Our treatment and period of healing at Being Human lasted 7 days. Included was the Colon Therapy, Oxygenated sauna and a full body massage that made us feel absolutely gorgeous. Targeting joints in our body that have been overthrown by acid. The Colon therapy took out so much dirt in us, we still cannot get those images out of our heads. Mom was continuously overwhelmed and jaw dropped shocked. I was walking around thinking that the colon therapy took out of me some nuclear toxic waste along with the material they use to make dynamite. The parasites, the fluids, the dark colours, liver gall stones on the 4th and 5th day when we did our liver detox. Those gall stones could have turned to become cancerous if unattended. All things sucking and eating away all life out of us from the inside out. “Better out than in”. Should you be like me and mom, the treatment involves a regular dash of Nut Milk and Green Apple and Mint Being Human smoothies. Blended or juiced not stirred.

One would think on day 4 or 5 they would be in a pristine condition immediately in such an intense detox, which involves colon therapy, oxygenated saunas, full body massage, volcanic ash (clay), husk, probiotic, health booster and fantastic support from the Being Human team. In truth YES in day 4 to 5 we looked so much better. Keep in mind, that it has been so many years of disobedience to our bodies many years of pollution. Be prepared that your body will have a lot of confessions to make. The colon therapy just kept cleansing. As the days progressed more and more pollution just came flooding out. The massage rescued our joints and body. Breaking through the bondage of pain and suffering. Always know and have an understanding, that healing after such long punishment takes time. This makes the Being Human treatment the biggest and best boost to good health.

We look so much better now, we feel infinitely better. For the first time I truly felt alive. I thought I was young and had all the life in me, since this is the flower of my youth at 23 years. I beg to differ now, I maintain the point that, when we are born into man’s world as Ramesh Calls it, most of us hand over our lives and death takes its place. When we make the decision to live a good healthy lifestyle, we take our lives back and are reborn.

As for my mom, it is the story of miracles. After having endured suffering so much, it would have been easy for her to accept all the misery as her destiny. I write this now in this night glad to say that she did not. It has been 8 years of her with an intake of medicine that made our home look like a retail pharmacy, I joined also. I am happy as I am glad and proud to say that she is completely medicine free. She saw the light and broke the bondage and fetters of disease. Although the body’s healing process still continues, it is important to note that after just 7 days of natural treatment at Being Human. My mother and I are free from chemical medicine. No more high blood pressure, chronic migraines, arthritis pains, swelling, excessive sweating, poor eye sight and stress. My 57 year old mom has so much energy it has become hard for people to fathom and attach her activeness and looks to her age.

As for me, one would always thinks a young person has nothing to lose. While the truth is I have never felt more alive than how I feel in these recent times. Why have I not always felt this way if everything was truly okay? I have just come alive my dear reader. I have a higher vibration, a higher level of consciousness and I am certain that I am using parts of me that I was previously locked out of due to my death wishful health. I believe I speak for mom as well. No more selling our souls and health to man’s world. No more inputs to my health. All I need is within myself, due to making good lifestyle changes with Being Human. We are wise living disease, misery and medicine free in continuously younger bodies.

Our message to the reader: Do not build up any excuses about making an effort to be healthy in your life, just as many people have done in their lives. Take this testimony, apply it personally to you and make it your own. Let it be your guide and inspiration to be free the bondage of poor health. This is our story at Being Human. Yours can be like this or even better. Our Health is truly our wealth.

Let love be the beginning and end of your heart as you start your own journey to the wisdom of good health at Being Human. You will be at home and as loved as we did. Harness your energy, your time, your space and all of your being to being healthy, for the second time in the history of the world, you shall have discovered fire.

Thank You

Clinton and Catherine

Their Being Human journey

On 10th June 2013 I sat in consultation with three males from different parts of the country booking into our Centre for a seven day stay in detox retreat.  Although they all had various ailments we needed to attend to, I was particularly concerned about the 42year old sitting across from me. Just from looking at his eyes, his expression, his body shape and energy levels, I knew he was in serious trouble. Over the past twenty years of working with people, I know when someone is not going to live for too long. Turns out he had a heart attack in January this year, suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, acid reflux, indigestion, constipation, bloating, fatigue, joint pains, headaches and total lack of energy. He was consuming 12 different medication on a daily basis. Here is a photograph of his live blood on day one ….


Shaheen 2

Shaheen day 1 – Red blood cell aggregation – severe digestive insufficiency, chronic toxicity and acidity, degenerative conditions. liver stress because of a plugged and toxic bowel and acidic terrain. poor dietary fat digestion, high triglycerides, parasites, weak immune system.   By day three of detoxing with us he decided he will not take any medication at all and just monitor his sugar levels and blood pressure very closely. There were dramatic changes to his health and well-being during his stay with us and this is his blood seven days later. Note the changes….

Shaheen after 2

Shaheen day 7 – rouleau – digestive imbalance, intestinal stress and poor digestion and absorption – a vast difference from day one. He was very enthusiastic and inspired to live the Being Human Lifestyle and follow the Principles of Being Human that we teach.

Shaheen 1 July 1

He has come back for further follow up treatments and on 5th of July this is what his blood looks like. He still does not take any medication whatsoever, looks more youthful and energetic. Over these months his wife too has joined him in detoxing the Being Human way and living the Lifestyle too. They not only have a new lease on life, but are intent on living disease, misery and medicine free for the rest of their lives. 21 days after initial detox – normal blood – red blood cells of regular shape and size, not overlapping, viable white blood cells and clean plasma.


Blood analysis journey