We make new bodies for people to live in, helping them grow younger and live longer – disease, misery and medicine free.

Products and Services

1 hour Consultation – It is advisable to bring the whole family along at no additional cost:

Live Blood Analysis:

Consult & Live Blood Analysis (Special):

Colon Therapy – First treatment costs R690 if you have not come in for a prior one hour consultation. Thereafter cost of colon therapy per treatment:

Herbal colon therapy per treatment:

Lymph Drainage Massage Treatment 1hr:

‘Being Human’ book (it’s a best seller with rave reviews):

Detox Clay (1.2litre) and Psyllium Husk (200g). This forms the base of our treatment and is our magic potion:

Being Human Probiotic (1 litre Natural Gut Bacteria):

Being Human Health Booster (1 litre Natural Bacteria for immune system):

Super Oxygen 90 Capsules:

Stainless steel tongue cleaner:

Natural fibre skin brush:

Do-It-Yourself Detox life makeover with guided instructions

Do-It-Yourself Detox product packages with guided instructions.

Do-it-yourself Detox with guided instructions – Package 1:
Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk, Probiotic.
R670+R100 postage = R770

Do-it-yourself Detox with guided instructions – Package 2:
Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk, Probiotic, Health Booster.
R950+R100 postage = R1050

Do-it-yourself Detox with guided instructions – Package 3:
Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk, Probiotic,
Health Booster, Super Oxygen Capsules, telephone guidance and advice, schedule to do your own liver detox, plus postage.
R1230+R100 postage = R1330

Do-it-yourself Detox with guided instructions – Package 4:
Being Human Book, Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk, Probiotic, Health Booster, Super Oxygen 90 Capsules, Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner, Natural Fiber Skin Brush, telephone guidance and advice, schedule to do your own liver detox, plus postage.
R1680 + R100 postage = R1780

One Day Detox Retreat
Includes the following:
Consultation on arrival followed by a Live Blood Analysis. We draw a drop of your blood to place under our powerful microscope and the images of your blood are viewed on the computer screen. On a chart on the wall are photos of what good blood looks like and other images of the various anomalies found in the blood. Looking at your own blood on the computer screen, you will be able to compare it to images on the chart and ascertain the nature of your blood. Off course, toxic waste in the circulatory system leads to all diseases. The blood never lies. We then offer you dietary and lifestyle advice to help in rectifying your problems.

You are given detox clay and psyllium husk drinks to absorb toxic waste and acids, after which you change into a gown and go in for a colonic. You then shower and spend 30 minutes in the Ozone Therapy Sauna. Shower again then exfoliate by body brushing with natural fibre brush followed by deep tissue acupressure and lymph drainage massage. You may then have several fresh squeeze fruit and vegetable juices. This is followed by the second Herbal Colonic to kill intestinal parasites and worms and then another 30 minutes in a Far Infra-Red Detoxification Sauna. You finish with a treatment called Insufflation where ozone is introduced into the ear canal.

Guaranteed to literally make you feel lighter, internally cleaner and rejuvenated.

We focus on 2 things:

  • Educating you on how toxic waste creates disease, fatigue and pain –
  • and providing you with the astounding experience of feeling what it can be like to pursue a lifestyle of internal hygiene.

Arrive at 8am or as early as possible. (Price does not include overnight stay)
Normal value R3230-00 – currently on an awesome special price for only R1990-00

Seven day fasting and Detox
  • Consultation
  • Live Blood Analysis on first day and when you finish on 7th day.
  • One daily Colonic
  • Herbal Colonic on last three days to kill intestinal worms and parasites.
  • Daily Lymph Drainage Massage to mobilise clogged lymph nodes and stagnant lymph fluid in tissues.
  • Infrared Detox Sauna or Ozone Therapy Sauna
  • Daily Insufflation treatment (Introducing Ozone into the ear canal)
  • Liver Detox on 4th & 5th night (we will provide you with the simple written how-to-do-it schedule). You may choose to stay over at the Centre on those nights for an additional cost
  • Package includes Detox Clay and Psyllium Husk, Super Oxygen Capsules, Probiotic and Health Booster.
  • Time duration for treatments per day is approximately two hours.
  • Cost of this 7-day package should be paid in advance or on the first day of treatment.
  • Live blood analysis before and after treatment and after 21 days if you are local and can come in to note the progress in internal hygiene.

Throughout the seven days you are updated about the procedures and treatments, given advice and motivation and educated about the aches and pains in your body, why they’re there and what to do in the future to live disease, misery and medicine free.
Cost of this 7-day package is R11 950.
The full amount to be paid in advance or on the first day of treatment.

Seven day fasting and Detox Retreat - Stay In
  • Two colonics daily, morning and afternoon, except last day where we will decide if second one is necessary.
  • Morning herbal colonics on last three days to kill parasites
  • Daily Lymph drainage massage to mobilise clogged lymph nodes and stagnant lymph fluid in tissues, often twice a day.
  • Ozone therapy sauna and or Far Infra-Red sauna daily, morning and afternoon
  • Insufflation treatment once or if necessary, twice daily
  • Alkaline detox drinks daily
  • Fresh squeeze fruit and vegetable juices/non-dairy nut milk drinks, herb teas, filtered water daily
  • Liver Detox on 5th night between 8 and 9pm. Upon discretion we may do additional half dose liver detox on 4th night to prep you for the 5th night.
  • Deep enquiry into your lifestyle and, blending science with common sense, graphic explanation as to why your diseases have manifested in your body.
  • Addressing the issues beyond your physical body that leads to disease, misery and medication dependency.
  • Dietary advice and life coaching to guide and assist you detoxify mentally, emotionally and physically so that you can recreate your life from inside out.
  • Creation of a simple, powerful and effective plan to maintain a lifestyle that will enable you to live disease, misery and medicine free for the rest of your life.
  • Accommodation for 6 nights and 7 days
  • Time duration for treatments generally from early morning until evening.
  • Check out time on 7th day is at 11am

You are required to:

  • Rest as much as possible
  • Write down your contemplations in a blank hard cover notebook provided or in your own spiritual journal if you have one (please bring along).
  • Carry sleep clothes and comfortable casual clothes. (No need for huge luggage at all)
  • No makeup or perfumes while you’re here or expensive jewellery. Advisable to leave them at home
  • Please do take your doctor’s medication as prescribed, but we found that many people reduced and weaned themselves off some medication already on the 2nd day (diabetics please ensure you do your necessary blood sugar and ketone testing and administer your insulin/medication as prescribed by your doctor during your detox.)
  • If you smoke, we obviously would prefer you not to, but if you simply must, you may do so outside the building.
  • If you still need to conduct your business via computer and cell phone, please keep it to the bare minimum.
  • If it’s not business, then we prefer cell phones switched off and only one call in the evening to family if necessary.

Why is the unique treatment routine we practice so effective in helping thousands of people over the last 20 years reverse practically any disease?

Quite simply, our method is designed to systematically cleanse and purify the approximately 20 liters of biochemical in your body. This is the “petrol” that drives the vehicle of the soul on the freeway of your life. When we start work with you we will take a drop of this biochemical, place it under a powerful microscope and together look at it displayed on a computer screen. On the wall in front of you is a chart showing what good clean biochemical (made up of blood and lymph fluid) should look like. When we compare what most people’s biochemical actually looks like, it’s like diesel in a petrol driven vehicle. Our job, through our unique methods is to cleanse, purify and restore it back to its normal condition.

Why is it important for this biochemical to be its normal alkaline state instead of the impure acidic condition most people’s biochemical is in?

It has everything to do with how every disease is fed to grow through the acute, sub-acute, chronic to degenerate stages in your body. Your entire body is composed of microscopic cells. Each cell is a complete living organism, a complete microscopic unit of life. The dream of one cell is to become two, so it divides, splits into two, and multiplies. That’s how life lives itself. The other important function of these cells in your body is to produce energy 24/7. If they all stopped producing energy simultaneously, we’ll call that death, cold, lifeless – no energy, no life. This 20 liters of biochemical surrounds and hugs each beautiful cell of your body, giving it what it needs to produce energy, carrying away by-product waste from energy creation and supports new cell growth when they divide to multiply. This biochemical is your immune system. It protects and nourishes each cell, but if it is acidic and filled with toxic waste and parasites, it will agitate, distress and disease the cells. In the toe we’ll call it gout, in your head, migraine and many other names in between for the same cellular degeneration that will happen. Planet Earth is suffering from a disease called Global Warming (no prizes for guessing why) and our own earth bodies too are diseased, suffering and dying early from toxic waste. Colon cancer is today the number one cancer (once again, no prizes for guessing why)

Thousands we have worked with now live disease, misery and medicine free as a result of internal hygiene and the foundation we create for your body to heal itself. Although the seven day retreat is a highly effective deep tissue and vital organ detox process, we offer guidance to detox the mental and emotional self. It is very evident during this retreat that when your body unburdens itself of toxic waste, it’s gets easier to deal with mental and emotional baggage. Besides, it is the same acidic biochemical that can feed the toe with gout that feeds the brain which is involved in thought making processes, which produce subsequent emotions. Simply put, when your body is unwell and in pain, it agitates your mind and emotions which results in a chemical reaction that floods your biochemical, saturates the tissues and makes your body feel worse. It becomes a vicious cycle, which we break with our vast experience over the last 25+ years of working with thousands of people and getting incredible results.

We have many successful stories from people with chronic and degenerate disease to people who just want to maintain their trim figures and vibrant state, like the ex-Miss South Africa first Princess who regularly patronises the Centre for years to maintain her stunning looks. Visit our website for more info Being Human Website

Nearly everyone who comes to us has spent a fortune on doctors, hospitals, medicines, supplements and a range of other therapies in their desperation to get rid of disease, pain, misery and suffering. Nothing really helps long term. The cost of a simple surgical procedure can be R30 000 to a million Rands for a liver transplant. Never mind the cost in down time, low productivity, anger, hopelessness and pain. We can help you recreate your life from inside out.

The cost of the basic 7 day/6-night treatment is R24 500. Purchasing of products you may need is at your additional cost. A non- refundable deposit of R3000 secures your booking. Please use your name as reference when making payment. The balance is to be paid upon arrival.

*Staff tips are permissible

Although the 7 day is the recommended basic treatment, detox is most effective over a 21-day period, hence we will set down a lifestyle routine for the next 14 days to continue the process of healing and rejuvenation. Costs can be tailored for variations in the retreat package for longer or shorter periods of stay over with us. Follow our Being Human Lifestyle and you will grow younger and live longer, disease, pain and medicine free.

Live blood analysis before and after treatment and after 21 days if you are local and can come in to note the progress in internal hygiene.

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