“Why should I detox?” Many would say that the body is designed to detox itself. So, it is not necessary to go somewhere to detoxify your body. Of course, the body is designed to effectively eliminate all waste, if we as a species still lived in jungles, foraging on natural foods, breathing pure air, and drinking natural water. When we were sleek and powerful to run fast when a lion came. Because our lives depended on it. We have long since migrated from the jungles to live in the concrete jungle where we breathe a chemical soup. Most people eat and drink a fair amount of junk and live sedentary lifestyles. For example, all other species take less than 30 seconds to have a full and natural bowel movement while most humans sit for 20 minutes in the toilet, reading a magazine, grunting with the effort, and if that doesn’t work out, they trot off to the pharmacy. buy a dynamite, and try to blast their way through. Constipation is common. Why? Colon cancer has become the number one cancer in most western countries. Why? We live in a toxic environment today and it is absolutely vitally necessary to detoxify our bodies. In fact, every disease in the body arises from the accumulation of toxic waste over many years. Just like Mother Earth is suffering from a disease called Global Warming, because of the synthetic material we are pouring into the soil, rivers, oceans and the atmosphere, our own earth bodies are diseased from the toxic waste within it. Cleansing and purifying the body from inside out is like servicing your car, which if you don’t do, it will break on the freeway. What about your body? Is it less important than your car?

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