Colon therapy is a gentle and private procedure using warm water and a simple, highly effective apparatus to remove the accumulated impacted fecal matter from the large intestine or colon.

A strong, durable plastic board that looks like a surfboard with a hole on the one end fits over the toilet pan while the other end sits on a chair or piece of furniture. Pillows are placed on the end that sits on the chair to form a comfortable bed you can lie on.
25 liters of warm water is filled into a container placed on a shelf on the nearby wall from which a pipe leads down to the Colon Therapy board. A detachable speculum or tube end that is thinner than your little finger and rounded and closed at the end for easy insertion into the rectum is attached to the water tube. The speculum has a few tiny holes in the side of the pipe towards the tip from which water flow out into the rectum.

When you are ready to start, remove your clothes and lie on the Colon Therapy board with your feet placed on either side of the toilet cistern. Insert the speculum slightly more than the length of your middle finger into the rectum and open the valve on the water tube. About a cup of water flows by gravitational feed into the rectum. expanding the colon and stimulating peristaltic movements, forcing the water to squirt past the thin speculum and out of the rectum, through the hole in the board and into the toilet pan below.

What goes out of most people’s colons with the exiting water is horrific. More water will flow in and out until the 25 liters is finished. It takes approximately 30 minutes and there is an immediate lightness of being, a tremendous feeling of relief, from throwing out what you shouldn’t be carrying around. It’s literally cleaning the temple of the soul from inside out.  Its why I call it the noblest treatment on the planet. While people are praying to be delivered to the light, this is the literal creation of light where darkness and the obnoxious gasses of hell accumulate.

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