Green Juice

½ an English cucumber or ¾ local cucumber, 3 green apples or William pears to sweeten juice, 1 handful of green beans, 2 baby marrows, ½ stick of celery or less, 2 leafs of spinach, 3 or 4 florets of broccoli, you may add a wedge of fresh lemon if you like

Put these ingredients through a juice extractor. We use an Oscar DA1000 it produces excellent juice and is easy to use. We are agents for the best juicers so please contact us if you require one. You may alter these measurements to suit your taste. If you need an alkalising drink and have many cucumbers in you fridge, go for a green juice with loads of cucumber and less of the other greens. You may also add other green goodies to this drink such as green pepper. This recipe is merely a guideline you may alter according to your kitchen veg stock.


Red Juice

2 apples, 1 carrot, ½ cucumber, ½ lime, 2 baby marrow, ½ beetroot

Juice all ingredients in an Oscar juice extractor to make 2 glasses.


Nut Milk

1Tbs almond nuts, 1Tbs sunflower seeds, 1 Tbs pumpkin seeds, 1 Tbs sesame seeds, 1 Tbs flax seed, 4 to 5 pitted dates or 3 Tbs raisins. 250ml of filtered water and 2 ice cubes.

Blend all these ingredients in a powerful blender and Enjoy!

Brazil nut option:

8 Brazil nuts, 1 tablespoon almonds, 250ml water, 5-6 dates to sweeten, 2 ice cubes – Blend and Enjoy J

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