We make new bodies for people to live in, helping them grow younger and live longer – disease, misery and medicine free.

21 day do-it-yourself Detox life makeover with guided instructions

Being Human Book, Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk x2, Probiotic, Health Booster, Tongue Cleaner, Skin Brush, telephone guidance and advice, schedule to do your own liver detox, plus postage.


One Day Detox Retreat

Includes the following: Consultation, Live blood analysis, Dietary and Lifestyle Advice, 5 detox drinks, Fresh Squeeze fruit and vegetable juices, two colonics. The second one is a Herbal Colonic to kill parasites and worms, Half an hour in the Far Infra-Red Detoxification Sauna and a Deep tissue acupressure and Lymph drainage massage – Guaranteed to literally make you feel lighter, internally cleaner and rejuvenated. We focus on 2 things: Educating you on how toxic waste creates disease, fatigue and pain – and providing you with the astounding experience of feeling what it can be like to pursue a lifestyle of internal hygiene.

Arrive at 7am or as early as possible. (Price does not include overnight stay)

Normal value R2500-00 – currently on an awesome special price for only R1950-00

Seven day fasting and Detox
  • One daily colonic.
  • Herbal colonic on last three days to kill parasites.
  • Daily lymph drainage massage to mobilise clogged lymph nodes and stagnant lymph fluid in tissues.
  • Far infra-red Detox sauna – provided you are not too diseased with high blood pressure etc.
  • Liver Detox on 5th night (we will provide you with the simple written how-to-do-it schedule).
  • Bentonite clay and Psyllium husk, Probiotic and Health Booster x2 + stainless steel tongue cleaner + Natural Fibre Brush.
  • Time duration for treatments per day is approximately two and half hours.
  • Cost of this 7 day package  should be paid in advance or on the first day of treatment.

Live blood analysis before and after treatment and after 21 days if you are local and can come in to note the progress in internal hygiene.

Ranges from R9 800-00 up to R12 500-00

Seven day fasting and Detox Retreat - Stay In
  • Live blood analysis before and after treatment and after 21 days if you are local and can come in to note the progress in internal hygiene.
  • Two colonics daily except last day where we will decide if second one is necessary
  • Morning herbal colonics on last three days to kill parasites
  • Daily lymph drainage massage to mobilise clogged lymph nodes and stagnant lymph fluid in tissues
  • Far infra-red Detox sauna – provided you are not too diseased with high blood pressure etc.
  • 5 detox drinks daily
  • Daily zapping with small electrical unit to kill parasites
  • Fresh squeeze fruit and vegetable juices/ nut milk drinks, herb teas, filtered water daily
  • Liver Detox on 5th night between 8 and 9pm. Upon discretion we may do additional half a liver detox on 4th night to prep you for the 5th night
  • Deep enquiry into your lifestyle and, blending science with common sense, graphic explanation as to why your diseases have manifested in your body.
  • Addressing the issues beyond your physical body that leads to disease, misery and medication dependency.
  • Dietary advice and life coaching to guide and assist you detoxify mentally, emotionally and physically so that you can recreate your life from inside out
  • Creation of a simple, powerful and effective plan to maintain a lifestyle that will enable you to live disease, misery and medicine free for the rest of your life.
  • Accommodation for 6 nights and 7 days
  • Time duration for treatments generally from early morning until evening.

   You are required to:

  • Rest as much as possible
  • Write down your contemplation’s in a blank hard cover note book provided or in your own spiritual journal if you have one (please bring along).
  • Carry sleep clothes and comfortable casual clothes. (No need for huge luggage at all)
  • No makeup or perfumes while you’re here or expensive jewellery. Advisable to leave them at home
  • (Please do take your doctor’s medication as prescribed, but we found that many people reduced and weaned themselves off some medication already on the 2nd day (diabetics please ensure you do your necessary blood sugar and ketone testing and administer your insulin/medication as prescribed by your doctor during your detox.)
  • If you smoke, we would obviously prefer you not to, but if you simply must, you may do so outside the house.
  • If you still need to conduct your business via computer and cell phone, please keep it to the bare minimum.
  • If it’s not business, then we prefer cell phones switched off and only one call in the evening to family if necessary.

The cost of the basic 7 day/6 night treatment: R22 500-00

This includes the products that you will need to continue detoxification over the next 14 days. A non- refundable deposit of R3000 secures your booking. Please use your name as reference when making payment. The balance is to be paid upon arrival. There is a taxi service at the airport but if you require us to pick up and drop off at airport, additional cost is R800.

*Staff tips are permissible

Although the 7 day is the recommended basic treatment, detox is most effective over a 21 day period, hence we will set down a lifestyle routine for the next 14 days to continue the process of healing and rejuvenation. Costs can be tailored for variations in the retreat package for longer or shorter periods of stay over with us. Follow our Being Human Lifestyle and you will grow younger and live longer, without disease, pain and medication dependency.

Why is the unique treatment routine we practice so effective in helping thousands of people over the last 15 years reverse practically any disease?

Quite simply, our method is designed to systematically cleanse and purify the approximately 20 litres of biochemical in your body. This is the petrol that drives the vehicle of your soul on the freeway of your life. When we start work with you we will take a drop of this biochemical, place it under a powerful microscope and together look at it displayed on a computer screen. On the wall in front of you is a chart showing what good clean biochemical (made up of blood and lymph fluid) should look like. When we compare what most people’s biochemical actually looks like, it’s like diesel in a petrol driven vehicle. Our job, through our unique methods is to cleanse, purify and restore it back to its normal condition.