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The Being Human blog aims at giving you the tools of transformation to eradicate disease, misery and medication dependency.

There is no medical cure and self-healing is ineffective. It is, in fact, the inherent intelligence of Mother Nature that heals and repairs the body. You function from the depths of your bowels, which greatly influences your thought making processes, emotions, and why it can be so hard to break old destructive habits and change.

We believe that the biggest disease on the planet is confusion. We as a species were never meant to be diseased in the first place: It is our birthright to live disease-, misery- and medicine-free.

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How to detox using Bentonite clay and Psyllium seed husk for a highly effective d.i.y. detox solution

This detox program is about throwing out the bad, bringing in the good, and bringing the internal balance back to where the body can heal itself.

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Is Colon Therapy Really Necessary
Is Colon Therapy Really Necessary? Under normal circumstances, no. Your entire body including your digestive system and colon is designed by a higher wisdom to function without any intervention. As I have stated in my book, Being Human, there are ...continue reading

“We make new bodies for people to live in,
disease, misery and medicine free.”